Our Services

Taxes are only a part of our focus. With over 25 years in financial services, in areas of lending, investments, financial planning, and taxes, we bring a big-picture perspective to the table. C4F's approach is holistic, taking qualitative and even emotional components into consideration, as well as quantitative factors. There is no one-size-fits-all solution; we help navigate the grey areas of our clients' financial world to find solutions that work.

No one likes the topic of taxes, right? Wrong. We kinda love this stuff. Why? It's how we're wired, because someone has to be. That means we enjoy helping our clients navigate the complexities and the ever changing tax laws to help you pay a little as legally allowed, focusing on businesses, including corporations, partnerships, LLC's, real estate/rental properties, and sole proprietors, along with individual and family tax returns. Let us worry about it.
You didn't launch your business so you could become an accountant, but we did! For us, it's like playing with and solving puzzles all day long! From monthly bookkeeping, reconciliation and financial reporting, to quarterly reviews, to bookkeeping and accounting support and troubleshooting, and QB online setup and configuration. Really, we dig it, so let us do it, and you go run your business!
Most accountants and tax advisers look in the rear view mirror, and that has its merit, but it's important to know where you are going, not just where you've been. We offer business and individual tax planning, working through the Core 4 Fundamentals of planning.
Who you gonna call? Having a resource available for those pesky questions that come up is invaluable. From new business setup, virtual CFO services, budgeting and cash flow, and even board meetings, C4F is there for you. Better businesses, by design.